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"Behind every successful business there is someone who has made a courageous decision."  



In 1945, the young Cipriano Riva founded the Company Officine Riva S.p.A. based in Lecco on the shores of Como Lake.

In a historical period of great changes, the Company specializes in the production of washers and metal fastening systems taking an active part in the socio-economic metamorphosis of our country in a post-war scenario.

In the early 70s, the stable and increasing demand encourages Cipriano to establish a new plant located in Colico and to enlarge the products range.

During the following twenty years, the Company, driven by the high quality standards requested by the automotive market, improved its organizational structure achieving the goal of certifications for the management of quality systems.

Years of steady development affirm Officine Riva's leadership in the cold blanking sector.

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In order to face the constant and ever new challenges of the market, Officine Riva has always had a business project strongly oriented towards continuous improvement.


The Company is daily committed to the simplification of the supply chain, the organizational empowerment, the development of technical and professional skills and the enhancement of the flair for change and innovation of its talented collaborators.


Respect for the environment and a well-establish company ethics have always been Officine Riva's distinguishing features.

Valori aziendali


One of the strengths of Officine Riva still remains its family run feature.

Teamwork, determination and constant commitment have always been the foundations of the corporate culture.

The third generation dynamically responds to the new challenges of the market by guiding its talents towards continuous professional growth and handing over what has been learned to new collaborators.

Thanks to the participation to accredited training courses, the human resources develop cutting-edge technical skills and abilities that enrich the consolidated know-how.

The Company mission is focused on the desire to manage the current context and on the courage to face the complexity by building a future that will inevitably be "new".                                                                              

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